Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ginormous hair flower: a tutorial

After a multitude of requests for a hair flower tutorial after debuting my ginormous creation the other day, your wish is my command!

A few months ago, you may recall that I showed you my fabulous hair flower find from Etsy. At the time, it was perfect; it matched my dress, had lace detailing and featured some pearls. But, afer sitting on it for a few months, I started to have doubts. I began to think that perhaps the flower wasn't large enough to make the statement that I had envisioned. Since I am not wearing a veil, the flower needs to be my "statement piece," if you will. So...I thought that I would try my hand at making one myself!

1. To start, I purchased an ivory colored peony from Michaels to use for the petals, as well as some ivory thread and champagne pearl beads for the center of the flower.
  • Note: make sure you find a flower with loose petals that will detach from the center of the flower (the center piece should come out). If you select a flower with petals that are glued together, you will not be able to get it to lay flat on your head as easily!

2. Pop the flower off of the stem and separate the petals.

3. Next, I arranged the petals in a stack to my liking. I noticed that the flower was a little larger in diameter than I would like, so I also incorporated a trick to decrease it!

4. I took the 2 largest petal shapes and cut them apart so that each petal was separate (or in pairs).

I then used straight pins to fasten them in place, and I sewed a few stitches to hold them to the flower petal shape used for the bottom of the flower. With this method, I was able to maintain the fullness of the flower while simultaneously making it smaller in diameter.

5. Layer by layer, I pinned the flower petals back together in a stack. I used this technique to ensure that the petals wouldn't slip and shift as I was sewing the flower together.

6. Next, I sewed champagne pearl beads to the center of the flower one at a time. I tried my hardest to place my stitches in close proximity so that they were easier to cover up when I finished.

7. I cut a scrap of plain ivory fabric into an oval shape, and sewed a hair comb to it. You could fasten a thin barrette or other clip as well if you prefer.

8. Using a few straight pins, I attached the comb piece to the back of the flower. I then tested the placement of the comb in my hair. DEFINITELY make sure you do this before completing the hair piece; if it is too high/low, the flower might flop around awkwardly on your head! I actually left my comb pinned/didn't finish the flower completely until after my hair trial. At the trial we tested the comb placement, and I was able to adjust to make certain that it was in the ideal location!

9. Using a hot glue gun, attach the fabric/comb to the back of the flower. Let dry.

Annnnnnd voila! There you have it folks, a ginormous hair flower (well, it doesn't HAVE to be huge if you don't want it to. Mine is though)! Although I didn't do it, you could definitely add feathers or other fun flair in between the petals as you are sewing. Make it your own and be creative!

Ok class...questions? Comments? Concerns? Compliments (haha...)?


  1. Um I love it. Can you make me one?! Seriously, I adore it and want it.

  2. Thanks for the tutorial. I love wearing flowers in my hair, so I think I might make one to wear every day.

  3. It's gorgeous! Starting and modifying a faux peony was a brilliant idea!

  4. Wow, that's awesome! I think another reason I full out suck at DIY is because I don't have the patience to do this. Props to you! 100%!

  5. Really nice! Great directions too. I didn't think I'd want a flower in my hair until seeing that, but now I'm rethinking it. I'm saving your tutorial.


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