Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A fabulous "faux-to" booth

It is safe to say that I have started a lot of different projects for the wedding at this point. However, now that we have hit "crunch time" before the big day, it is essential to either 1) complete them, or 2) scrap them. So, I have created a list of the DIY projects I have on my plate, and placed them in order of importance. As you can imagine, the projects that are higher up on the list get priority. In the beginning of the planning process, it is easy to gather a plethora of inspiration, and projects pile up. However, I have had to come to the realization that I might have to part with some of my ideas in order to remain sane.

One of the projects that lands smack dab in the middle of the "importance scale" is a faux-to booth. I feel like I'm between a rock and a hard place on this one...because I have seen some amazing results from previous Bees' booths...such as

Mrs. Cowboy Boot

Mrs. Mouse

Mrs. Quiche

And, out in the blogosphere there has also been some amazing inspiration. You may be familiar with this particular booth, as it was making its way around the Internet a few months back. I was instantly inspired...and hooked.

Following photos from kiss the groom:

I saved the pictures in my inspiration folder, and sat on it for a few months. Now, as the wedding swiftly approaches, it is time for me to actually get started! My mom works at a school, and a few of the guys who work in maintenance have been kind enough to offer to help me! We are going to start with an 8'x4' piece of plywood, and my "helpers" are going to cut out 2-3 rectangles/squares for our guests to peek through. We are going to create "frames" by painting pieces of wood trim cut to the size of the openings. I am going to wallpaper the board, and add picture frames featuring family wedding photos! Sounds simple, right? Maybe...we'll soon find out!

But, where shall we set up this lovely contraption? When my mom and I visited our venue the other day, we scouted out a few potential locations. We came up with two options. First: a cabana:

There are a few cabanas set up in the pool area outside (where we will have cocktail hour). They are 10 foot square, and as you can see, they are supported by metal framing.

In an ideal world, we would suspend the faux-to booth from the framing of a cabana. We would close the back of the cabana to give a solid background.

Guests would be able to walk around the back of it, and they wouldn't have to worry about knocking something over (if it was placed on a table, or supported by a frame from the floor)!

Another placement option would be inside the "bird cage" area where our cocktail hour will be served.

Once again, there is metal framing that we could suspend the booth from. This location would be much more noticeable for our guests, but it might also be in the middle of the action...

I'm going to let the idea simmer for a little while, but I'm starting right away on creating the board!

Did you/are you planning to create a faux-to booth for your reception? How did you make it? Where do you place it?

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  1. Those are such cute ideas! We are trying to figure out a way to incorporate a photo booth too. Our friends did one and I loved seeing all the pictures of their guests just being themselves and having a great time.


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