Thursday, October 28, 2010

Making a change... I've been thinking about this for quite some time.

Official wedding recaps are upon us, and you have all been loyally following me here on this blog. However, in the past few months, Blogger has been giving me a ton of problems. One of these problems includes transferring my Weddingbee posts over. You see, I compose my Weddingbee posts in WordPress...and for some reason Blogger is giving me a heck of a headache when it comes to copying them over...the photos will not load for me. After failing about 20 times at copying my first recap over, I realized that I would have to upload each and every photo again through Blogger to post it here. For those of you who have already gone through the process of wedding recaps, you know how long it takes to compose one post...uploading photos alone takes a LONG time! I just can't do it for two different blogs...there isn't enough time in the day!

So, this is what is going to happen: I will be posting all of my wedding recaps on my NEW blog -

Please please please head over there now and subscribe if you haven't already. I would hate for those of you who have been so amazing and supportive during my wedding planning to not be able to see the final results! And, guess what? My first recap post is up today - so get excited!

Thanks again to all of you for following me on my wedding planning journey - I am excited to share my day with you!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lovely Tonight: My Last Night as a Miss

After the rehearsal dinner, our out of town guests headed back to the hotel. Conveniently, my suite was connected to my parents' we opened the two rooms up for everyone to mingle!

We opened up a few bottles of wine, and the guys enjoyed some of the beer that was left over from the beach party that afternoon. We chatted, watched some sort of sports game that was on TV, and just enjoyed everyone's company.

Little by little, our guests trickled out of the suites and back to their rooms to retire for the night. However, sleep was the last thing on my mind. In the week before the wedding, I had been so busy and was trying not to focus too hard on projects. But, by doing so I completely forgot to finish creating Mr. Buttons' wedding day gift! D'oh!!!! Thank goodness that BM A and L were still willing to hang out with me. After a quick change to PJ's, they helped me to cut paper and arrange the photos from my "beach boudoir" session into an album. I also wrapped up my "gag gift" portion of his present: a screen printed shirt that I had made for him. Here...I'll show you - Mr. Buttons proudly wore it the day after our wedding, and everyone was taking photos/laughing at it:

In retrospect, I suppose I didn't really have to have the presents prepared for Mr. Buttons because he never opened them during the time he was getting ready on the day of the wedding! I had them delivered to the beach house where the guys were, but apparently he never saw the gift. Thankfully, someone delivered them to the venue, so I WAS able to give him the presents...but not until after the reception was over!

Anyway, after the presents were wrapped and ready to go, BM A and L retired to their room...and I was alone.

Could I sleep? No, not really. I sat up for an hour or two, going over the timeline of events for the next day. I triple checked our guest list and escort cards and I went over the vows one last time before retiring to my bed. At that point, I attempted to quiet all of the little nagging voices I was hearing in my head in order to get some beauty sleep. However, I was like a kid trying to get to sleep before Christmas...I was just so excited for the next day!

Were you able to sleep the night before your wedding?

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sorry I've been MIA lately...

Hello everyone! I just wanted to pop in to say 'hello!' I know I've been slightly MIA with my wedding recaps lately, and I promise you that they are coming! However, I do have something pretty for you to look at in the meantime...

Pilster Photography

Our wedding was featured on Elizabeth Anne Designs' blog yesterday. Yes...some of my recaps might be given away with this post. However, I'd love it if you stopped over, took a look, and maybe even left a lovely comment!

Go to the blog post HERE

I hope you are all having a fabulous week!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Lovely Tonight: The Rehearsal Dinner

After a lovely afternoon of sun and fun at our beach party, it was time to get pretty for our rehearsal dinner! I rushed to our hotel to jump in the shower and threw on my dress, and then it was time to head to the hotel lobby to start a caravan for our guests! Remember our rehearsal dinner nightmare? Our OOT bags/info featured directions on how to get to the restaurant. Well, since plans had changed, my mom and dad organized a caravan for our friends and family to get to the NEW rehearsal dinner location. Thankfully, we all arrived in one piece!

Uncle D, Aunt S, and Grandma & Grandpa Buttons

BM K and MOH L had a chat while they waited for dinner to start. MIL Buttons made all of the pretty flower arrangements herself!

Sorority sister J, Sorority sister (my twin) M, my great grand little J, and her boyfriend

Grandma, Aunt J, Cousin J, Aunt S, and Uncle J

BM K and MOH L with their fiances

BM L, BM A, Sorority sister J, and her boyfriend

I had been pretty upset when we first learned about our closed rehearsal dinner restaurant, but our new location was fabulous! It was right on the water, and our guests were able to enjoy a beautiful sunset, along with a few dolphin sightings to boot! The staff at the restaurant were MIRACULOUSLY able to recreate our original menu...I was so amazed! Although it wasn't the enormous Italian feast that we had been expecting at our original location, we were all fed, the food was delicious, and we were all together!

BM L was awesome enough to remember to photograph her appetizer plate...

...and her yummy tiramisu...

We posed for a bunch of photos after dinner was complete; you have to get group shots when your girlfriends are all together for the first time in years!

...with BM L...

...with BM/little sister A and great grand little J...

...posing with our adorable ringbearer...

...all of the ladies together again!

...Justin and I had to take at least one photo together...

A band started playing, and my mom danced with GM J. The other people in the background are random patrons of the restaurant that joined in!

GM J then tried to convince Justin that he had made the wrong choice of who to marry the next day (just kidding...he's married too, for the record), but Justin was having none of it! was back to the hotel for an "after party" to complete our evening!

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

$50 Nordstrom giftcard winner...

I know you have all been waiting (im)patiently for this announcement!

First, thank you to EVERYONE who entered this contest! I had a new record of 208 total entries - holy moly!

Anyway, lets get down to business. The winner is...

THIS LUCKY LADY (yep, you have to click through to her blog to find out)!