Friday, October 8, 2010

Lovely Tonight: The Rehearsal Dinner

After a lovely afternoon of sun and fun at our beach party, it was time to get pretty for our rehearsal dinner! I rushed to our hotel to jump in the shower and threw on my dress, and then it was time to head to the hotel lobby to start a caravan for our guests! Remember our rehearsal dinner nightmare? Our OOT bags/info featured directions on how to get to the restaurant. Well, since plans had changed, my mom and dad organized a caravan for our friends and family to get to the NEW rehearsal dinner location. Thankfully, we all arrived in one piece!

Uncle D, Aunt S, and Grandma & Grandpa Buttons

BM K and MOH L had a chat while they waited for dinner to start. MIL Buttons made all of the pretty flower arrangements herself!

Sorority sister J, Sorority sister (my twin) M, my great grand little J, and her boyfriend

Grandma, Aunt J, Cousin J, Aunt S, and Uncle J

BM K and MOH L with their fiances

BM L, BM A, Sorority sister J, and her boyfriend

I had been pretty upset when we first learned about our closed rehearsal dinner restaurant, but our new location was fabulous! It was right on the water, and our guests were able to enjoy a beautiful sunset, along with a few dolphin sightings to boot! The staff at the restaurant were MIRACULOUSLY able to recreate our original menu...I was so amazed! Although it wasn't the enormous Italian feast that we had been expecting at our original location, we were all fed, the food was delicious, and we were all together!

BM L was awesome enough to remember to photograph her appetizer plate...

...and her yummy tiramisu...

We posed for a bunch of photos after dinner was complete; you have to get group shots when your girlfriends are all together for the first time in years!

...with BM L...

...with BM/little sister A and great grand little J...

...posing with our adorable ringbearer...

...all of the ladies together again!

...Justin and I had to take at least one photo together...

A band started playing, and my mom danced with GM J. The other people in the background are random patrons of the restaurant that joined in!

GM J then tried to convince Justin that he had made the wrong choice of who to marry the next day (just kidding...he's married too, for the record), but Justin was having none of it! was back to the hotel for an "after party" to complete our evening!

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