Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lovely Tonight: My Last Night as a Miss

After the rehearsal dinner, our out of town guests headed back to the hotel. Conveniently, my suite was connected to my parents' we opened the two rooms up for everyone to mingle!

We opened up a few bottles of wine, and the guys enjoyed some of the beer that was left over from the beach party that afternoon. We chatted, watched some sort of sports game that was on TV, and just enjoyed everyone's company.

Little by little, our guests trickled out of the suites and back to their rooms to retire for the night. However, sleep was the last thing on my mind. In the week before the wedding, I had been so busy and was trying not to focus too hard on projects. But, by doing so I completely forgot to finish creating Mr. Buttons' wedding day gift! D'oh!!!! Thank goodness that BM A and L were still willing to hang out with me. After a quick change to PJ's, they helped me to cut paper and arrange the photos from my "beach boudoir" session into an album. I also wrapped up my "gag gift" portion of his present: a screen printed shirt that I had made for him. Here...I'll show you - Mr. Buttons proudly wore it the day after our wedding, and everyone was taking photos/laughing at it:

In retrospect, I suppose I didn't really have to have the presents prepared for Mr. Buttons because he never opened them during the time he was getting ready on the day of the wedding! I had them delivered to the beach house where the guys were, but apparently he never saw the gift. Thankfully, someone delivered them to the venue, so I WAS able to give him the presents...but not until after the reception was over!

Anyway, after the presents were wrapped and ready to go, BM A and L retired to their room...and I was alone.

Could I sleep? No, not really. I sat up for an hour or two, going over the timeline of events for the next day. I triple checked our guest list and escort cards and I went over the vows one last time before retiring to my bed. At that point, I attempted to quiet all of the little nagging voices I was hearing in my head in order to get some beauty sleep. However, I was like a kid trying to get to sleep before Christmas...I was just so excited for the next day!

Were you able to sleep the night before your wedding?

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  1. I love that you had a bit of an "after party" before calling it a night. We did, too, but at a bar. And we all know how that ended up (Emily wasted, no sleep, lessons learned.) Love your rehearsal dress, by the way. You have the cutest style!

  2. Loved the photos.. very cute! And the shirt is hilarious :)


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