Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A little registry surprise...

So, a funny thing happened during our registry process. Oh no, wait...make that multiple oddities...

One of the first stores that Justin and I registered at was Target. I love is one of my favorite places to shop, and we knew that our guests would be able to find a local store easily if they wanted to go in person. Sooo, Justin and I walked the aisles, scanning a few items here and there. When we finished, we handed our scanner back to the customer service rep and were on our merry way.

Two days later, MOH sends me a message that reads, "is there something you aren't telling us?"

Me: "Um, no??? What in the heck are you talking about?"

MOH: "Check your registry."

I furrowed my brow and quickly navigated to the Target website to investigate.

And there, ladies and gentlemen, staring back at me from my registry...was this:


Yep...some way, some how, the Bumbo Baby Sitter (in pink) had made its way on to our registry. I gasped audibly at the thought of one of my FIL's seeing it there, and promptly picked up the phone to call Target's customer service. Disappointingly, the only thing they told me was, "well we are sorry, but you can just go online and delete it from your registry." Gee thanks I didn't already know that? Needless to say, I was not pleased with them, but I proceeded to delete the Bumbo from the list and move on with my life.

Oh didn't think I was done yet, did you???

Flash forward to last week. My mom and I went to Target again to register for some more items (yeah, I only had 4 things on the list...whoops). We came, we conquered, we left the store. The next day, Justin came over, and I wanted to show him what I'd registered us for. I pulled up the Target page and scrolled through. And I guess I should have been expecting this...but...I was surprised yet again to see:


A set of baby blankets for newborns! Just what every newlywed needs!

What...the....crap! Are the Target Gods trying to tell us something??? Why, oh why, was this happening AGAIN!?!? DELETE!!!

Well, after some investigation on my part, I was able to figure out what had happened to cause the mix up. Apparently, sometimes the UPC's on the Target shelves are wrong! The first time, when I scanned a wine rack, I got a Bumbo; the second time, when I scanned a memory foam mattress topper, I got baby blankets. Both items that I had WANTED on my registry didn't I have to assume that is what happened. Not cool Target, not cool.

Lesson learned here: when you register for items in a brick and mortar store, make sure you check the list online to ensure that the correct items made it on there! Thankfully, I was able to catch these snafus before anyone went to purchase from our registry...but I can't imagine the conversation that I might have had with the future in-laws if that hadn't been the case...eeeeek!

Did you have any unwanted items appear on your registries?


  1. I had something similar happen when BUYING from a Target registry... items aren't always near the #. I pulled some onesies that were HANGING on the hook with the correct # (you know, the barcode thing?) that matched the registry, but luckily the lady checking me out was like, you know 2 of these 3 aren't on the registry. POOPSTAINS. I hate registries. This is why we DID NOT REGISTER!


  2. Oh no!! I have to admit I giggled a bit, but I'm glad it all worked out!! How many people saw the baby items??

  3. That is too funny! Good thing you figured out what was going on, I'd be really freaked out by that!

  4. Oh my goodness! I can't imagine how you must've felt! I would've died. But I do enjoy picturing Aunt Barbara's face when she saw that! I'm glad everything worked out, and I can't wait to see you at the wedding :)

  5. That's hilarious and insane! Our families would have gone nuts and our friends would have endlessly made fun of us!


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