Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dressing the Dudes: THE suit you've already heard about our suit shopping debacles...I bet you'd like to see how it all turned out!

When Justin and I were in Florida for Thanksgiving, we inevitably wanted to check for any amazing Black Friday sales. Normally, I do not get up at the crack of dawn to shop, but if there is something particularly good on sale I can be convinced to do so. When the Black Friday ads came out, Justin noticed the Kohl's insert, which I had passed over (foolishly). Annnnd guess what? They were having a sale on their suits until noon! My ears immediately perked up.

So...Justin and I arrived at Kohl's at 8am the day after Thanksgiving to scout out the suiting! I must say, I was VERY pleasantly surprised. The suit separates that were on sale were by Apt. 9, and they had a very nice textured charcoal suit that fit him very well!

Don't judge me, lurking in the mirror...I didn't shower...

One of Justin's groomsmen showed up to Kohls while we were shopping as well, and he and his wife liked it as well! Yay! And, do you know what we liked even more? The price!

Original price for coat and pants: $300
Sale price (with an additional 15% off coupon): $122

We went ahead and purchased the suits for all of the groomsmen so we wouldn't have complications. We had to order some of the pieces over the phone at customer service because they didn't have them in stock...but they didn't charge us shipping - yay! And, because it was a sale, we received $10 in Kohl's cash for every $50 we we racked up $120 in store credit to use at a later date! Don't you just love a good deal?

So, the suit search was finally over! Now...what ever shall they wear underneath that suit?

Did you rent or purchase suits/tuxedos for your wedding? Did you find any good wedding items on sale for Black Friday or after Christmas?


  1. Great deal! My fiance really wanted tuxedos (not really sure why) so we had to rent them.

  2. I think we are planning on renting tuxes, but we're still not 100% decided. Hopefully we will decide soon! =)

  3. How awesome of you guys and they look great! I kinda felt bad that we bought the girl's dresses and not the guy's tuxes.

    I bought my reception dress through eBay so that was awesome. :) We only had 3-4 months to plan the wedding so there was no Black Friday sale!

  4. Hello- on the suit thing. Since we are Destination you might think it would be the perf opp for my guy to opt casual... nope not the case- he insisted that he wear a suit, pinstripe {at that}. I loved that he was willing and ready to dress up since I too didn't want an uber casual dress, I wanted a lovely wedding dress to celebrate the day as well. ANYWAY we found Groomy a great suit {also on sale} at Men's Warehouse- one he will be able to wear many more times to come. BUT as far as Kohls... this is where we found the GM's wear- they will be more casual but will still look nice with thanks to Kohls. We bought linen button up shirts and dressy cargo linen shorts {Ivory top/Black bottoms} for a total of under $40/each. We also bought all of them to keep it simple! thanks for the share. -A

  5. Thanks for the tip on Kohl's!!! I would never have thought to look there for a suit. :)

  6. Kohl's is great. I love that store for certain things. Though they can be expensive for regular priced items, their sales are phenomenal! We opted to have our guys rent tuxedos and they are costing the young boys and dads about $115 each and the groomsmen about $140 each.

    The charcoal gray looks great and you are smart to have gotten them for the whole party in one fail swoop!

    The one great deal item I got on Black Friday for the wedding was my mother's gown. We had gone in about 3 weeks earlier to Nordstrom's and she found a Marc Bouwer gown she fell in love with...problem - $500!!! I called on Black Friday and asked if they happened to be having a sale on the dress. It was $200 off! Score!


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