Friday, February 19, 2010

100 days...


Holy moly...lets take a deep breath here...

My lovely little wedding countdown has just informed me that we have 100, yes one hundred, days left until the wedding!

Wow...this means that as of tomorrow, we are officially in the double digits of our countdown to the big day. OMG! When we originally started our planning, it seemed like that ticker was at an impossibly high number, but now it seems like we are getting down to the home stretch!

100 days is still a decent amount of time to accomplish some things...and today really made me realize that I need to kick it into high gear!

My mom and I made an extensive to-do list during our 13 hour car ride from Virginia to Florida last weekend (oh yeah! That's right...surprise! I now live in Florida again - goodbye snowy north, I will not miss you!). I was hoping that it would only take a short amount of time to brainstorm, but I realized after about 4 hours of wedding chatter that the list is relatively lengthy, and I need to buckle down!

What do I need to do, you ask?

  • Secure a baker. Oh yeah, I'm wayyyyyy behind schedule on that one, but I blame the fact that I've been in Virginia, and there really is no way for me to taste cake from that distance! I'm good at making excuses...
  • Meet with the florist to fine tune our flower plans
  • Get my dress fitted
  • Schedule hair and makeup trials (I'm kind of freaking out about this one...)
  • Help my mom (and grandma) shop for dresses
  • Send the invitations (thankfully, they are about 90% finished at this point; I can't wait to share them with you!)/create layout for reception/make seating chart
  • Complete the 1,452,236 DIY projects that I have semi-started, but failed to bring to fruition (pinwheels, escort cards and box, guestbook tree, programs, menus, OOT bags...are you still reading? I could go on...)

Now, this is not an exhaustive list by any means, but it was enough to get me off my butt and start getting things done! I'm hoping to report back some positive activity now that a fire has officially been lit under my behind!

Did you fear/are you fearful of reaching the 100 day mark on your wedding countdown? What big tasks do you still have left to complete before your wedding?


  1. We were looking at though I have alot of time before the wedding. (March 5, 2011)- we realized next New Year's Eve will be 75ish days till the wedding- I'm trying to get alot of things started now so in the end I won't get overwhelmed.

  2. :) Just wait till that number goes down to 10, then the freak outs really begin! And it's so true what everyone says, time is going to FLY by!

  3. I'm right there with you! I have soo many things to get done, and our 100 day mark is quickly approaching! (We're at 113 today.) I'm hoping to get a lot of the projects done this weekend, and I've got a HUGE to-do list for when I'm in town over spring break. Hopefully it'll be easier for you now that you're not planning from long distance!

  4. We are at about 55 days today :) I have so much done (just finished assembling the 180 favor boxes and 25 kids' favor boxes last week and finalized cake details Friday night). But still have more to go once all the RSVP's finish rolling in - escort card assembly, seating chart, marriage license, etc. I just try to tackle one DIY thing or assembly thing each weekend and then put it away once it is totally finished. Try not to get overwhelmed with *all* that is left to do and just focus on one thing at a time.

    I remember being so excited about the 100 day mark but now being at just under 2 months, I'm getting nervous about finishing up the renovations on our house...praying we get motivated with that now! Congrats on being so close!


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