Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The state of our union

Hello again everyone! Guess what? Today marks 3 months since Justin and I tied the knot. Let me tell you, time flies.

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I thought that I would give you a little "state of our union" address at this keep you updated on how things are going, and to give you some insight regarding married life.

  • I know I alluded to it already, but marriage, for us, doesn't feel all that different. And to be honest, I don't think I would want it to be. I absolutely love how comfortable Justin and I are around each other, and if things happened to change drastically after rings were placed on our hands...there'd be a problem.
  • I now find myself lost under enormous piles of laundry in amounts that I was not previously accustomed to. That also includes sweaty gym clothes. Ah, love.
  • I now have a personal cheerleader for the trials and tribulations in my life, and I have become Justin's biggest cheerleader as well. The mentality of being a "we" and a family has really started to sink in. Justin receiving a bonus at work is not only his personal victory, but a reason for us to celebrate as a couple. When I am frustrated with searching for a new job, he shares the burden with me.
  • The two of us are still adjusting to each other. Justin has had to learn to deal with some of my quirks, including the way I like hangers placed in our closet (once something comes off a hanger, it has to be placed in one spot, because I HATE going through the entire rack to find empty hangers when I am doing laundry) or how I can't stand dirty dishes being left out on the counter. And, on the flip side, I have discovered things like the fact that Mr. Buttons isn't a fan of me being on my computer 24/ I try to limit my usage and put it away when he gets home from work.
  • It is really comforting, and really quite nice, to wake up next to Justin every morning and to give him a kiss goodnight each evening.
  • I find my inner domestic diva coming out to play much more often than in the past. I have tried dozens of new recipes since Justin and I moved into our new apartment 3 months ago, and thankfully he is very open to trying each and every meal that I place in front of him. Bless his heart, he has even been willing to humor me with my strange recipes...including black bean brownies and chocolate cookies made out of cannellini beans (by the way, both of them are very tasty).
  • Over the past 3 months, we've started establishing some give-and-take types of routines. For instance, I cook dinner every night, and Justin is in charge of washing the dishes. I do the laundry, and he takes care of our furbaby, Lucia (I am not a fan of picking up poop).
  • I've learned that it is absolutely impossible for me to be mad at my husband. If we get into a bit of a disagreement, I find myself immediately trying to work things out, and vice versa. We don't relish the thought of going to bed mad at one another, so we've made a conscious effort of resolution before that time (not that it happens a lot). We do say "I love you" every night before we go to sleep.
  • The novelty of calling Justin "my husband" has still not worn off yet. I still find myself trying to insert the phrase when I'm conversing with others.
  • We are still very excited about what is to transpire in our lives in the coming months. The two of us are starting to contemplate when, where, and how we will take our honeymoon, since we weren't able to go on one directly after the wedding. We're hoping to relax in a tropical locale at some point before our first anniversary. Ideas have been spinning around in our heads as of late, and I'm excited at the prospect of sharing our experiences with you!
  • Three months after our wedding, the day itself is indeed a little bit blurry. Every detail that was incredibly important to me during the planning process has started to blur together a little bit. I feel as though I've been left with an "overall feeling" of the wedding day as time has gone by. And, I'm trying to focus on the big picture rather than hone in on every little detail. The truth of the matter is: even though some small details of the day might have gone awry, in the end I married the love of my life. And that, my friends, is the most important detail of them all.

So, there you have it...the state of our union!

For those of you married ladies out there: have you noticed some quirks about your spouse since you got tied the knot? Have you had some pleasant discoveries regarding married life?


  1. Oh I love marriage too. Pete and I moved in together when we got engaged and even though nothing changed on the outside it has been wonderful on the inside.

    I still can't believe you've never traveled together, that boggles my mind! But again, we both have master's in International Business and I've lived abroad before (by choice) so I guess we're the crazy ones and you're normal.

    Happy 3 months - did ya'll do anything special? Pete told his mom about it and they laughed at him for thinking it was a holiday. (I was slightly offended)

  2. What a great post! So glad you're adjusting well to married life. It is so good to hear the realistic side of things...

    P.s. I'm a nut about the hangers thing too :)

  3. I'm all about the hangers too. AND he uses *gasp* wire hangers from the dry cleaner. I throw them out whenever I can.

  4. P.S. - YAY for your 3month anniv!

  5. congrats doll! that is a beautiful picture by the way ;)

  6. This post was so sweet :) Happy 3 months!!!

  7. Hey... I just stumbled on your blog. Happy 3 mo! The quirks are a plenty. I have a thing about clear counter tops as well and he mostly could care less. I am actually just discovering the whole hanger annoyance-I never had a closet big enough for it to be an issue before. I am loving married life too.

  8. That picture of you two is beautiful!


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