Thursday, January 14, 2010

Our fabulous photo favorite images

Wow...I realized that I failed to publish this particular post a few months here it is for your viewing pleasure!!!

At the end of our engagement session, our photographer had shot a ridiculous number of photos (over a thousand...maybe closer to 2? Perhaps he will chime in and correct me if I am mistaken). Selecting our favorites took a very long time for Justin and I, to say the least! So...this post is dedicated to some of my favorite shots: many of them are close ups, so you're going to have to get used to staring at us for the moment!

Once again, all images are by Pilster Photography

It took me FOREVER to find this dress for the shoot! I shopped for weeks, searching high and low for something. Coincidentally, I came across this Antonio Melani dress on the clearance rack the day before the shoot! The pintuck details are just delish...

Another thing I noticed when looking back through our pictures? I apparently laugh...a lot!

Making goofy faces comes naturally to me I suppose, since half of our photos feature me doing something like this...thankfully, Justin puts up with it...

Oh...and I had to sneak in one more photo featuring Theo...

Did you have a hard time picking out your favorite photos after your engagement shoot?


  1. These turned out great! Love that green dress and that you incorporated your dog!

  2. Your photos are beautiful! Love that you included your pup!

  3. Loving your photos!!! I love the colors you chose to wear and I make faces all the time as well...

    ***Beauty, frugality, and love

  4. Oh you look so happy - great set of pictures and awesome that the whole family is in there!

  5. These are fantastic! I love the fact that you laugh so much... it shows just how happy you are! =)

  6. These photos are so cute and your dress is adorable! I love the green.

  7. Your blog is so cute - you definitely have a new follower! Your e-pics came out fabulous, love the dress!

  8. These are super cute! I really love the dress you wore!


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